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Question   general

Great to talk to you today . . . lovely web site. Well organized and easily understood. Always the goal of any web master.


-  August 07, 2007

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Question   Great work!
Hello Tom,
I saw your Magnolia blossom in the Editor's First Picks at BetterPhoto--was very impressed and came by here to take a look! Great work!!

- Colleen Farrell July 05, 2007

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Question   Taking a break
Nice Pictures. peaceful

-  June 12, 2007

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Question   Your hobby
Hi Tom:
Your pictures are GREAT! I finally got some time to check them out. Barb gave me the site on this year's Xmas card.
From a long lost Marriott friend.
Sandy McAlister - now Galloway

-  March 04, 2007

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Question   Great Site
Wow, the site looks great---I've spent the last half hour going through all the slide presentations, reading your bio...you must be very proud of such a diverse and creative body of work. I really like how you cross categories, like having a grouping of night photographs, or landscapes, or macros or wide angles, as well as event categories like places and times. You never know what is going to appear next, which really makes it enjoyable.

-  August 10, 2006

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Question   Photos

I just had the opportunity to view your photos in the Gallery more closely.
They are beautiful. I can see why you won awards for them.
Thank you for sharing them with me.


-  July 13, 2006

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Question   PHOTOS!
Tom: Thanks for sharing this! What a wonderful talent you have! The photos are incredible. I particularly like the Washington DC set! I'll continue to check the website for updates!


-  June 30, 2006

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