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Question   January 2013 album
I just looked at your January 2013 album and I would have to argue against your "nothing special" comment. Your pictures are amazing! I love the geese in front of the moon. And the "redheaded stepchild"...he looks like he's just hanging out! All beautiful pictures! You have such a great eye.

- Nancy Potts January 09, 2013

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Question   Meeting You
Tom, I really enjoyed meeting you at the Conowingo Dam today. Hope to see you again sometime.

- Doug Meekins January 01, 2013

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Question   All of the pictures
Tom, The pictures are amazing! What a photographer.

- Debbie Gladstein August 17, 2011

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Question   Nice photography

Was nice meeting you and Barbara this past weekend. I really enjoyed browsing your web pages. Very nice work!!!

- Jim Borden June 08, 2011

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Question   come play by me
hi cus checking out your photos anthony

- anthony giardina February 11, 2011

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Question   Jealousy
I'm jealous. I envy your skill and talent for taking such wonderful photos. Thatphoto of the heron at Great Falls was so good it gave me goose pimples!

-  November 22, 2010

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Question   Montana/Glacier National Park
WOW! What awesome pictures! I felt like I was right there! You are blessed to have such talent for something you have so much passion for!

- Jaye Hallford  July 21, 2010

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Question   Eastern Shore photos
All your photos are marvelous but I especially liked the pony photos on Assateague Island. They're infrared, right? How did you do it?

I guess I'm not the first to tell you that YOU'VE GOT TALENT!

-  March 29, 2010

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Question   blessing of the Hunt at Hobby Field
Tom, Thanks fo giving me the address to your web site. After viewing your shots I can't wait to see the fox hunt photos. You are truly a professional with a camera. Roger and Susan Hicks

- ROGER HICKS November 27, 2009

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Question   Very Nice Tom
Nice to talk to you at the Rodeo Tom. You are a few years ahead of me with your photos mate. Both Mary, my wife and I have enjoyed looking at some of your work, we have a lot more to see and enjoy. I got a lot of inspiration and a neaded boost for my own work, Thank you.

- Bob Shram September 14, 2009

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Question   Thank you sharing your pictures.

You have a great talent. I am glad you gave me the website to view. I am in total awe of your ability to capture life in photos. With your permission I will share the site with some family and friends who would enjoy.

Thank you,


- Bill Vernau June 05, 2009

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Question   rR

been a while. Love the web page.
keep up the good work\Missed you guys at the reunion yesterday.
was fun to

Love ya

- Lillian Rodenbough May 18, 2009

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Question   wow!
just wanted to send a "wow", sir - photographers are encouraged to "make the effort to build a body of excellent work" - kudos for this outstanding collection. I especially love lots fo your zoo shots - simply beautiful stuff. I just joined GCC; hoping I can learn even a small percentage of your skill set.

- Dan Greb March 03, 2009

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Question   Nice work
Hi Tom -

Nancy Potts directed me to your site - what lovely work. Really great stuff - interesting subjects too.

Hope all is well with you. Caterair seems like a long time ago...

Jen Stadler

- Jen Stadler February 18, 2009

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Question   Wow!
Wow, Tom! This is great! I had wondered if you had continued with your photography. You have great talent!

- Nancy Potts February 17, 2009

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Question   Great work Tom
Really nice work, love that image on the home page of the heron and the falls. I've enjoyed browsing around your site.

- Jon Nikographer February 10, 2009

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Question   Fantastic Photography!
Hi Tom,
I had a chance to visit your site for the first time when I saw your POTD on Better Photo. I must say I am truly impressed! Your work is some of the best that I have ever seen. Your creativity is amazing. You are a true artist and fantastic photographer with an incredible talent. I will be back from time to time to be inspired!!!

- Deborah A. Ciullo July 17, 2008

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Question   Nice Job!
Hi Tom, Your sister sent me the link to your site. Quite impressive! As a flower grower and lover, I particularly enjoyed the flower photos. But the infrared photos are my favorite. Keep up the good work.

-  January 16, 2008

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Question   Great photos
Tom - was looking for some DC photos on google and your site came up. I hope that you and Barb are doing well. You are a very talented photographer. My son Steven is now 21 years old and also has a photo web site. Another old Marriott/Caterair co-worker...

Shawn B.

-  October 23, 2007

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Question   saw your photo "purple fence"...
i was looking at the betterphoto.com contest and saw a beautiful picture of flowers on a purple fence...
i thought to myself "i know that fence!"... not from any place I had been but from a picture a friend of mine had taken.
your picture is very lovely and now seeing your view and my friends, I feel the urge to see how different my view would be of that same fence.
feel free to see what pictures I have been taking.

-  September 03, 2007

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