My first camera was a Polaroid, Swinger, c. 1965-70. It was white, plastic and produced black and white 'Polaroid' pictures. At that time, the Swinger was relatively new technology and you could view your pictures in a few minutes.

A few years later, I borrowed a friend’s 35mm Pentax camera, shot some B&W film right after a snowfall, and then set up some still life compositions in my basement. The pictures were not ‘keepers’ but it was so nice to have more options with that camera.

Today, I only shoot digital. I have the best of both worlds. I can view my pictures in a matter of seconds and with an SLR, various lenses and Photoshop, my options are limited pretty much by my own creativity. It is nice to have come full circle with this newer technology.

I love setting out on a “photo sojourn” and coming back with one or two nice images to share. I can generally pre-visualize the day, but never really know what I will come back with.

I often compare photography to fishing. It takes patience and skill, but luck often plays a big part.

I hope you enjoy the site.